Parent/Student Resources

Get Involved


Volunteers play an important and valuable role. The Richard Crane community invites you to volunteer and become more involved in creating our school culture and community. Volunteering is a rewarding opportunity to help strengthen Richard Crane’s community, support your child's education, and get to know other parents. We are appreciative of individuals like you who freely share their talents and resources. We also know that as a volunteer, you, too, will be rewarded.

To help you get the most out of your experience we want to make sure you are informed. There are many ways to get involved and it is rewarding for both parents and students. You can assist teachers in the classroom, chaperone on a field experience, or help organize an event. There are also numerous opportunities within the Richard Crane PTA where you can become involved. The Richard Crane Site Council and Richard Crane English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC) are open meetings held throughout the year. Whether you have a little time or a lot there are many ways to help make a difference. There are volunteer questionnaires available in the office. We welcome your contributions. On behalf of the teachers, staff and students, “Thank you for your support and help building a strong involved community at Richard Crane Elementary School!”